Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween! The boys loved Halloween this year! Holidays are so much fun with kids.

We had a Fowler Family Halloween Party at Grandma and Papa Fowler's house. It was such a fun party we ate, played games and made caramel apples. The boys had so much fun with their cousins. Will was pretty good at playing Musical Chairs and he was the best toilet paper mummy I've ever seen.

We had a Ward Trunk of Treat that we went to the day before Halloween. We had dinner, then the kids paraded through everyone in their costumes. Will won "The Strongest Muscles" award.

We carved pumpkins and Will told me to exactly how to carve his pumpkin. He wanted his pumpkin to have circle eyes and nose, and a really big smile. Xav didn't really care about carving his pumpkin, he just wanted to jump on the tramp while we were all outside.

On Halloween night, the boys didn't last very long Trick or Treating. We made it to the end of the street and Will said he wanted to go home. Jeff stayed home to scare trick-or-treaters. He sat on our porch dressed as a gorilla, had spooky music and a fog machine going. Some kids wouldn't even come to the door and get candy. Jeff had so much fun scaring kids.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Farmington Fire Station Fun!

We went to an Open House at the Farmington Fire Station and had so much fun. We checked out the Life Flight helicopter, then watched it take off.

The boys ran an obstacle course.

        Will wasn't sure about dragging the dummy around. He didn't want to touch the rope to pull the dummy.

Will got to squirt the water hose. 

The boys got balloons and fire fighter hats. What a fun day! We loved it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Honey's Birthday

One of my favorite things Xav does is call Jeff "Honey." It makes me smile every time I hear him refer to Jeff as Honey. We had a fun day because it was Honey's birthday and we took a trip to Pack's Pumpkin Patch.

The boys LOVED the pumpkin patch. They had so much fun playing in the maze, pulling the pumpkin wagon and getting dirty. Will really wanted a green pumpkin, but I talked him into an orange pumpkin because we had a couple of green pumpkins in the garden at home.

That evening we surprised Jeff at work with cupcakes for his 34th birthday! We were planning on taking him to City Creek to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, but he had just eaten 4 cookies before we got to his work, so he wasn't very hungry. We still went to City Creek, but ate at Kneaders instead. The boys loved walking around and seeing all the water fountains and fish in the stream. We had such a fun day! Happy Birthday, Honey!