Saturday, September 15, 2012

Top of Utah Marathon

There was a strong field at the Top of Utah Marathon this year. Allie Moore, who has won the race the past 2 years and was planning to run sub 2:50, was running. Stephanie Talley, who has won both the Ogden and St. George Marathons, was there. Janae Richardson, a former WSU runner, was there and was shooting for sub 2:50.

My goal for this race was to run 6:20 pace per mile. I ran 6:24s at the Ogden Marathon a few months ago, and I felt great. I thought I could easily shave off 4 seconds per mile and still feel good.

The first half of the race coming down the canyon felt really good. I was running with a group of guys and once we hit mile 12, they started picking it up. I debated on whether it was better to run with them and go quicker than I planned, or let them go and run by myself. I decided to run with them and try to hang on, but a couple of miles later we ran a 5:55 mile and I decided to let them go. I was a little over half way through the marathon and knew I couldn't keep running that pace and finish well. I'm so glad I let them go when I did because at mile 19, I was done! My legs felt like lead, and I couldn't make them go any faster. I kept thinking to myself, "This is what people are talking about when they say they hit the wall."  The last 7 miles were such a battle and drug on. A guy ran by me and said, "It's all mental from here. You got it!"  I kept repeating those words over and over in my head. A policeman escorted  me from mile 24 and he really helped push me along.  I was so happy to cross the finish line. I was completely exhausted. I think the quick miles in the middle of the race really hurt me, but I still came in  first! Jeff, Will, Xav, my mom, Lis, Richie and Dallin came to cheer me on. It was so nice to have their support.

My good friend, Janae

Me, Janae Richardson, Allie Moore, Stephanie Talley and Rachelle Wardle
Here are my splits for each mile: 6:13, 6:19, 6:14, 6:11, 6:22, 6:14, 6:18, 6:11, 6:13, 6:15, 6:14, 6:04, 6:04, 5:55, 5:58, 6:06, 6:07, 6:15, 6:29, 6:32, 6:26, 6:42, 6:44, 6:42, 6:43, 6:49, 1:18. My total time was 2:45:51, with an average of 6:19.9 per mile! Exactly what I wanted to run!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Will's First Dentist Appointment

Will had his first dentist appointment right after he turned 3. The dentist said that Will needed to stop sucking his thumb or he'd have to have a metal retainer placed in his mouth for 6 months. The dentist said Will had 6 months to stop sucking his thumb. I found a bitter solution called Mavala Stop to paint on his thumb nail. One morning I talked to Will and told him he was too big to suck his thumb, and that I'd paint something on his thumb to remind him not to suck his thumb. I told him he could have something if he stopped sucking his thumb, and he chose a sand box. The first day with the solution on his thumb was awful! Will didn't know what to do without his thumb. He had a hard time sleeping and was irritable. I felt so bad for him. Luckily, this was short lived. I applied the bitter solution to his thumb for about 5 weeks, and he doesn't suck his thumb anymore! He has done so well. I'm so proud of him.  
Jeff wasn't very happy about it, but he built Will a sand box in the back yard. The boys love it! It keeps them entertained for hours. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silly Goofers

When my boys are being silly, I call them "Silly Goofers."  Here are some pictures that make me smile every time I see them. 

                                          Will loves being"locked."

                                                              Messy pudding faces


Jumping off the fridge to Dad

Xav loves tighties and thinks he needs to wear them since Will wears them. Anytime I'm folding clothes or getting tighties for Will, Xav will grab a pair and hold them out saying, "tighties, tighties, thighties," until I put them on over his clothes. He looks so stinkin' cute running around in tighties. I hope this is a sign he'll be easy to potty train...

Cute bum boy
Snow boots in the middle of summer

Thumb sucking boys
Xav's toilet seat hat

Taking toilet paper off the role never gets old around this joint