Friday, August 31, 2012

Lobster Gram

For my father-in-law's 70th birthday, we decided to do a lobster-gram for him. Jeff ordered lobster and clams from Maine and they came shipped the same day.

When the cooler arrived, the boys were excited to see what was inside. When I took off the lid and showed them the live lobsters, they were a little nervous. Xav wouldn't let me set him on the floor if we were in the same room as the lobsters.

By the end of the day, the boys were touching the lobsters and Will even picked one up! Xav went around the whole day saying "lobster, lobster, lobster."

Jeff watched a youtube video on how to cook live lobsters and clams. He was quite the chef.

The dinner was delicious and my father-in-law loved it! He said lobster is his favorite thing to eat and he'll always remember this lobster dinner. It was so fun to have the lobster-gram.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hobble Creek 1/2 Marathon

I stayed the night before the race at my Grandma Nelson's house in Spanish Fork with my friend, Angie. We got up early and headed to Mapleton to pick up our race packets and load the buses. 

We got to the start line with plenty of time to use the bathroom and warm up. We were right at the front of the start. I was shooting to run just under 6:00 per mile. The first mile of the race another female runner, Kassi Harmon, told me she was hoping to run sub 1:14 and we should run the race together. I told her I wasn't in shape to run sub 1:14, but good luck and I'd see her at the finish. The first mile was quick, but after that I found a guy to run with and we were running around 5:45. I was nervous to run this pace because I didn't want to die at the end. I let the guy go around mile 7 because I was struggling to hang with him. I caught him again at mile 10 and passed him. My boys were there cheering for me around mile 10 and said I was only a minute or so behind the first place female, Kassi. I tried to pick it up to catch her, but I couldn't. I finished 2nd place with a time of 1:16:41! I was so happy with my time. I ended up running 5:51 miles! It's my second fastest time I've ever run. With the amount of training I'm doing, I couldn't have asked for a better race. I won some socks, $150 and a dozen roses. What a fun race! I'm so happy to have run a fast half. It's been years since I've done that!

Mar, Lis, Richie, Me and Dusty
Top Female Finishers: Kassi Harmon, Me and Angie Beebe

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Davis County Fair

 We went to the Davis County Fair this year and saw lots of fun animals. The boys loved the petting zoo because they were actually in the same pen as all the animals! It made me a little nervous, but they were fine.

We stood in line for 45 minutes to ride a pony. When it was Will's turn to ride the pony, he didn't want to. I made him sit on the pony for a few seconds and told him how cool it was going to be to ride a pony and what a big boy he was. He hesistantly stayed on the pony and went for a ride. I don't think he enjoyed it very much, but rode it anyway. I tried to set Xav on a pony, but he started crying, so I took him off and we walked next to Will on the pony.

Will's pony ride