Monday, July 30, 2012

Losee Vacation

For the Losee vacation this year we went to Bear Lake for a few days and stayed in a big cabin. My whole family was able to go. It was so fun to spend time together playing games and swimming. One of the highlights for Will was tie dying an "awesome shirt." He would wear his awesome shirt every day if I'd let him, dirty or clean, he doesn't care.

 Andrea had researched on the internet how to tie dye shirts. Lisa and I tried to to copy her and I think we did a pretty good job. Mar struggled a little bit with hers.
My sweet little thumb suckers
Will didn't quite understand how the Balloon Stomp game worked.

Our family is pretty competitive and Russ set up a 40 yard dash race. It was so fun to watch everyone race. Will jumped in every race he could and probably ended up running 10 races. He was such a good sport. I think he's going to be a runner!
The Losee Clan

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bike Parade

On the 24th of July, our neighborhood does a bike parade around the block. Will got to decorate his bike for the parade and picked blue and green crepe paper. He put tons of tape all over his bike. He was such a good helper with the decorations.

He had so much fun biking with the big kids. It was fun to watch him. Xav and I followed the kids around the block with the stroller.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cherry Hill

We got passes to Cherry Hill this summer and the boys have loved it. They are both such water bugs! We've gone 2 to 3 times a week all summer. It's been so great to be able to escape the heat in the water.

One of the first times we went to Cherry Hill, Will said he needed to go to the bathroom. I asked Jeff to take him to the bathroom. Jeff told Will to pee in the water. I told Jeff not to teach Will that. The next time we were at Cherry Hill, Will and Jeff were floating down the Lazy River and Will told Jeff he needed to use the bathroom. Jeff whispered to Will to pee in the water. Will yells, "You're not supposed to teach me to pee in the water, Dad."  Jeff said everyone turned to stare at them. Will is a smart boy and knows you don't pee in the pool water.

Boober Cuters loves to sit on the stairs at the pool and play with toys or go to Pirates Cove and crawl around in the water. He likes going down the pirate slide, too.

Will likes to put his head under the water and swim. He even dives in the deep part of the pool. He has gotten to be such a good swimmer. It's been such a fun summer with lots of swimming!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Will is full of vinegar sometimes. One morning he insisted that I paint my toe nails blue. It was 8 am and I didn't really care to paint my nails, but he kept asking me to paint my nails. So, I painted my toe nails blue and leaft the nail polish on the kitchen table. I knew I should've put it away in the bathroom, but I was getting the boys breakfast and thought it would be fine on the table for a little while.

A couple of hours later, I'm talking to Richie on the phone and I see Xav smearing blue nail polish all over the kitchen tile and Will standing there with the nail polish brush in his hand. Will had painted himself, Xav's face, the kitchen chair and the tile blue! What a mess! I asked Will if he knew he was being naughty when he painted Xav's face and he said yes. What a stinker! I put both boys in the tub and started wiping off Xav's face with actone, then baby wash. I felt so bad for Xav because his little eyes were watering, but I didn't know how else to get the nail polish off. I got the nail polish off both boys, and when I went back to clean up the kitchen, the polish had completely dried on the wooden chair.  I really wish I just would've put the nail polish away right after I used it that morning.

Will is very determined. We were outside playing and he wanted to turn on the water spigot. I told him we weren't playing with water. He whined for a little while, but I just kept telling him that I didn't want he and Xav to get all wet.  We all went inside and I laid Xavy down for a nap. When I came out of Xav's room, I  couldn't find Will anywhere in the house. I look outside and he had pushed the kitchen bar stool off the deck, so he could stand on it to reach the spigot. He still couldn't quite reach it. This kid will try and try until he succeeds!

Will loves to play in baby powder. I've told him he can't play in the baby powder because it's for Xav and it makes a big mess all over. Will doesn't listen very well...

I had used the baby powder on Xav and left it on Xav's night stand. I went in to the kitchen to get dinner ready and went back into Xav's room to check on the boys because they were being quiet and I found Xav and his room covered in powder! I asked Will what I can do to remind him not to play in the baby powder and he simply said, "Hide it."  He is such a funny kid!

A few days later I was getting the boys ready to go to the wedding reception. The plan was to pick Jeff up from work, grab some dinner and head down to the reception in Pleasant Grove. I had just gotten the boys out of the bath tub, and Xav was dressed in his nice clothes. I went in my bathroom to finish getting ready and come out to the living room to a big powder mess! Will had covered himself, Xav, the TV, the Playstation and the speakers in powder. I was furious! I had to re-bathe both boys. I was in such a flurry trying to get out the door on time that I forgot to bring Jeff some dress clothes for the reception. We were lucky to get out the door at all.