Monday, July 30, 2012

Losee Vacation

For the Losee vacation this year we went to Bear Lake for a few days and stayed in a big cabin. My whole family was able to go. It was so fun to spend time together playing games and swimming. One of the highlights for Will was tie dying an "awesome shirt." He would wear his awesome shirt every day if I'd let him, dirty or clean, he doesn't care.

 Andrea had researched on the internet how to tie dye shirts. Lisa and I tried to to copy her and I think we did a pretty good job. Mar struggled a little bit with hers.
My sweet little thumb suckers
Will didn't quite understand how the Balloon Stomp game worked.

Our family is pretty competitive and Russ set up a 40 yard dash race. It was so fun to watch everyone race. Will jumped in every race he could and probably ended up running 10 races. He was such a good sport. I think he's going to be a runner!
The Losee Clan

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