Thursday, February 21, 2013

Done with the Thumb

Since Xav was 8 or 9 weeks old, he's been a thumb sucker. When he first started doing it, I loved it because it helped him sleep through the night and he looked so cute doing it.

This last month has been rough on my Xavy Baby. He's been diagnosed with RSV, croup, h-flu, mono and an allergy to Augmentin. He got really dehydrated with the mono and h-flu, and his lips cracked and bled. His left thumb got a big crack along the knuckle, and he'd put his thumb in his mouth to suck, then immediately pull it out and say, "owie, mommy, hurts." The crack was getting bigger and bigger because he kept trying to suck it. I decided to cover it with a band-aid and ointment as much as possible to help it heal. One night I didn't take the band-aid off and he kept it on the whole night, and slept well! I couldn't believe it! Xav hasn't sucked him thumb in over a week. I'm so happy he broke the habit!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter Training Circuit 10K

The Winter Training Ciruit 10K was today and it was another rough week. Xav got diagnosed with mono and has been so sick! I feel so bad for my poor baby. I feel like we've been to the doctor's office every other day for the last little bit. I'm ready for spring time and healthy boys.

I was more excited to race the 10K today, than the 5K a couple of weeks ago. The 10K is a much better distance for me. I still feel like I have to sprint the whole time, but I can slow it down a little bit compared to the 5K. I began the race and felt really good. My first mile was 5:54, and I thought that was a little quick for a hilly course. After that, I locked in to a good pace and just went. It felt good to open up and run hard. The course was around WSU, so I was familiar with the roads. It was nice to run around Ogden. I have good running memories there. I ran 39:57.8 (6:26 per mile) and took first place. I felt good the entire run...I love races like this!

I've started doing tempo runs and speed workouts a couple of times a week. It feels good to be on a training schedule again. I'm still trying to increase my mileage, but it seems like life happens and I don't get all the miles in I'd like, but I will soon enough.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Training Circuit 5K

The Winter Training Circuit 5K was today and I wasn't feeling very ready to race. It had been a rough week because both boys had RSV and were miserable. They felt awful and weren't sleeping well, so no one was getting any sleep. I feel like the stars rarely align when it's race day, I just have to give it the best I've got.

A 5K is a hard distance for me because I feel like I have to sprint the whole way. I like longer races when I can lock in at a comfortable/hard pace and go. I rarely race 5Ks because I don't like to sprint for 3 miles. It's been years since I've raced a 5K, but today was my lucky day :) 

I started the race feeling really good. The course was around my old college apartment, so I was familiar with the hills. It was nice to run through the area, and brought back lots of good memories of college running. I kept telling myself I only had to go 3 miles, that's nothing compared to what I usually race. The course was pretty hilly, but I felt good throughout the whole run. I was so happy to have a good race after such a terrible week. I ran 19:35.8 (6:18 per mile) and took first place. I couldn't have asked for a better race. It's nice to be back racing again.

I was excited to race for Oiselle. This is the first race I've run as a Oiselle team member. I wore my Oiselle singlet, but didn't get any pictures from the race. I'll have to make sure Jeff has a camera at the next race.

I'm trying to get my weekly mileage up, but I've been stuck at 38 miles for a few weeks. I've got to have a break through week soon, so I can get cranking more mileage for my marathon training. I'm getting excited to race Ogden!