Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter Training Circuit 10K

The Winter Training Ciruit 10K was today and it was another rough week. Xav got diagnosed with mono and has been so sick! I feel so bad for my poor baby. I feel like we've been to the doctor's office every other day for the last little bit. I'm ready for spring time and healthy boys.

I was more excited to race the 10K today, than the 5K a couple of weeks ago. The 10K is a much better distance for me. I still feel like I have to sprint the whole time, but I can slow it down a little bit compared to the 5K. I began the race and felt really good. My first mile was 5:54, and I thought that was a little quick for a hilly course. After that, I locked in to a good pace and just went. It felt good to open up and run hard. The course was around WSU, so I was familiar with the roads. It was nice to run around Ogden. I have good running memories there. I ran 39:57.8 (6:26 per mile) and took first place. I felt good the entire run...I love races like this!

I've started doing tempo runs and speed workouts a couple of times a week. It feels good to be on a training schedule again. I'm still trying to increase my mileage, but it seems like life happens and I don't get all the miles in I'd like, but I will soon enough.

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