Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Training Circuit 5K

The Winter Training Circuit 5K was today and I wasn't feeling very ready to race. It had been a rough week because both boys had RSV and were miserable. They felt awful and weren't sleeping well, so no one was getting any sleep. I feel like the stars rarely align when it's race day, I just have to give it the best I've got.

A 5K is a hard distance for me because I feel like I have to sprint the whole way. I like longer races when I can lock in at a comfortable/hard pace and go. I rarely race 5Ks because I don't like to sprint for 3 miles. It's been years since I've raced a 5K, but today was my lucky day :) 

I started the race feeling really good. The course was around my old college apartment, so I was familiar with the hills. It was nice to run through the area, and brought back lots of good memories of college running. I kept telling myself I only had to go 3 miles, that's nothing compared to what I usually race. The course was pretty hilly, but I felt good throughout the whole run. I was so happy to have a good race after such a terrible week. I ran 19:35.8 (6:18 per mile) and took first place. I couldn't have asked for a better race. It's nice to be back racing again.

I was excited to race for Oiselle. This is the first race I've run as a Oiselle team member. I wore my Oiselle singlet, but didn't get any pictures from the race. I'll have to make sure Jeff has a camera at the next race.

I'm trying to get my weekly mileage up, but I've been stuck at 38 miles for a few weeks. I've got to have a break through week soon, so I can get cranking more mileage for my marathon training. I'm getting excited to race Ogden!

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