Friday, June 22, 2012

Swim, Swim, Swim

Will took swimming lessons from a neighbor this year. He loves water and I thought he would love the lessons, but I was wrong...

The first lesson, I walked him up to the neighbor's pool and went back home because Xav was napping. I had forgotten a towel for Will, but I didn't think it was a big deal because I could take a towel with me when I picked him up. He'd be in the water the whole time anyway, right?  Wrong. 20 minutes later I went back to pick him up and one of the other mothers said that Will had a terrible time, was freezing and wouldn't  use anyone's towel because it wasn't his own. He was crying and completely traumatized! He said he didn't like swimming lessons and didn't want to go back.

The second lesson, he put on his swimming suit but wouldn't even get in the water. He had a death grip on me the whole time.

The third lesson, he wouldn't  even put on his swimming suit. I told him he could have an ice cream cone if he swam. He refused to swim, but I made him go to the lesson anyway and watch the kids in the pool. At the very end of the lesson his teacher picked him up, and held his feet in the water and had him kick. She praised him for being such a good kicker. That night we took the boys to McDonald's to get an ice cream cone. This is the first time the boys have ever been to McDonald's and they loved it! They loved the play place inside.

The fourth lesson, Will swam and loved it! His teacher said he was acting like a completely different kid and asked what happened. I told her we bribed him with ad ice cream cone. From that lesson on, he loved his swimming lessons. He can jump in the water by himself, blow bubbles and put his head in the water to pick up toys on the stairs. He's so comfortable in the water and really enjoys swimming.

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