Friday, November 2, 2012

Xav's Loves

 Xav has two loves: Es and his left thumb

Since Xav was born, I've put him to bed with these thin, soft, linen blankets. Xav loves these blankets and drags them all over the house. I try to keep the blankets in his crib, but Xav can't leave his crib without them. A couple of months ago, Xav started referring to these blankets as "Es." Xav loves his Es and asks for them when he gets tired.

Xav has been a thumb sucker since he was born. He loves his left thumb. I think thumb suckers are pretty cute!

Xav has a few things he really likes: Raffy, Georgie and vacuuming. Recently Xav has become attached to a stuffed giraffe he calls "Raffy" and a stuffed Curious George monkey he calls "Georgie." The other day I went in his bedroom to get him from his nap and he's standing up in his crib with his arms full of his Es, Raffi and Georgie. It was pretty cute. He's such a funny, particular boy!

When Xav hears the vacuum turn on, he comes running! It doesn't matter what he's doing, nothing can distract him from helping me vacuum. He is such a good helper. I love this sweet boy!


  1. Hey! Welcome to team Oiselle! My friend James Core grew up in Farmington. Do you know any Cores? Farmington may be bigger than I think.:)

  2. Hi! I'm so excited to be apart of the team. I don't know any Cores and Farmington is still pretty small, but it's growing.