Monday, April 8, 2013

Xav Turns Two

My baby turned 2 today! He is such a fun boy with a little bit of sass and we love him to pieces!

 Xav woke up to his bedroom full of balloons. He and Will had fun running through the balloons and throwing them at each other. Then he got to open a gift that Will had picked out for him...a water gun. Of course Will had to get himself the same thing he got for Xav, but couldn't play with it until Xav could open his. To help Will with the temptation of playing with it, I had Will wrap up the two water guns together for Xav to open. 

Cuters wanted a dinosaur cake, so I bought some dinosaurs to go on top of the cake, but they kept slipping off the much for the dinosaur cake. I don't think Xav really noticed there weren't any dinosaurs on his cake, he was just excited to blow out the candles. I love this picture of Xav because he was smiling at Will while Will was singing Happy Birthday to him. Xavy sure loves his big brother.

Xav got some sand toys to play with for the sand box. (Don't mind the Christmas wrapping paper.) We sure love this sweet boy and all the joy he brings to our family.

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