Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Xav's Surgery

My poor baby has been getting sick every other week for the last little while. We had been to a couple appointments with the Pediatrician and ENT, and the ENT finally said he thinks Xav would benefit from having his adenoids removed and his ear tubes replaced. I dreaded Xav having to have surgery, but he's been so sick and hasn't been sleeping well. His original ear tubes were falling out and he'd already had one ear infection. I didn't want him to keep getting ear infections, too.

Today was Xav's surgery and it went really well. The doctor said Xav's adenoids were decent sized, so we should notice a difference with his congestion. He also said his tonsils are on the border of needing to be removed. He said to watch Xav and see if he snores or isn't sleeping well. If so, he'll need his tonsils out when he's a little older.

Xav was a little whiny in recovery and kept saying he wanted us to take him home. He pulled out his IV right away, and was ready to go. The nurse had us stay for about 45 minutes, so Xav cuddled with Dad, ate a popsicle and watched the iPad.

Xav did really well the rest of the day. He's one tough boy! Hopefully this will keep my baby from getting so sick.

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